Laminated Cottons, Cotton/Linen Blends, and Linens PLUS Water Resistant Outdoor Fabric

40"-Wide Laminated Cottons


Vintage Happy blue patterns (only enough for bowl covers, Zippy bags, and Wasties)
Vintage Happy red on pink patterns

Gray, pink, grown, and gold flowers on yellow

Doilies on red

Flower clusters on mint green

Red and cream damask

Bright flowers on brown (very little left)

Vintage blossoms on green

Pink, blue, green, orange, and yellow stripes 

Red white and blue stars

Birthday balloons

White mosaic on black



Pink flowers on pink

Tiny red flowers on white, not much left

Taupe medallions (only enough for bowl covers, Zippy bags, and Wasties)

Pink flowers on blue

Large blue anchors (about 5" tall)
on white

Solid hot pink 

Orange with white polka dots

Yellow with white polka dots,
not much left

Black and white chevron

Light purple and white chevron

Brown and white chevron

Red and white chevron

Hot pink and white chevron

Orange and white chevron

Yellow and white chevron 
(only enough for bowl covers,
Zippy bags, and Wasties)

Kelly green and white chevron

Navy blue and white chevron

Spring rainbow chevron

Soft pink and white chevron

Gray, red, blue, white, and orange chevron

Red, white, and blue chevron

Red, white, and green Christmas chevron

Medium blue and white chevron

Lime green and white chevron

Deep purple and white chevron

Purple, orange, white, and green mini chevron

Red, blue, green, and white mini chevron

Purple, orange, white, and green mini flowers

42"-Wide Laminated Cottons


 Alexander Henry Gotas de Amor tea stained
Gotas de amor tea stained,
not much left

gotas de amor royal
Gotas de amor royal blue

2-D Zoo dark blue

La Paloma tea

2-D Zoo brights

2-D Zoo blues/greens/cream--currently out of stock; no reprint date available


Day of the Dead on black

Luaus, Leis, and Alohas white


52"-Wide Laminated Cottons, Linens, and Cotton/Linen Blends, Heavyweight, Higher Price

Gray and Ivory Quatrefoil

Aqua and Ivory Quatrefoil
Navy and Ivory Quatrefoil
Navy with Ivory lobsters

 Sweet Dots

Bright giraffes on cream, 100% cotton, heavyweight, custom exclusive 

Burnt Orange Damask, 100% cotton

Folk Holidays on Gray, 100% cotton

Ecru Toile, 100% cotton
Jessica Jones Time Warp Ripple Brown,
100% cotton, heavyweight barkcloth, custom exclusive

Deer Silhouettes on Lipstick Red,
100% cotton

Solid Natural: cotton/linen blend, 52" wide, 25% higher priceSolid Natural cotton/linen blend, heavyweight, custom exclusive

Solid Ivory Cream cotton/linen blend,  heavyweight, custom exclusive

Solid White cotton/linen blend, heavyweight, custom exclusive

Gray and white Buffalo plaid, 100% cotton, heavyweight, custom exclusive


Gray and ivory chevron, 100% cotton, heavyweight, custom exclusive

All star, 100% cotton, heavyweight, custom exclusive

Evergreen Cinnamon, 100% cotton, heavyweight, imported from England,

Black and ivory damask, 100% cotton, heavyweight, custom exclusive


Bright dinosaurs on blue, 100% cotton, heavyweight, custom exclusive

Red and ivory geometric, 100% cotton, heavyweight, custom exclusive



56"-Wide Laminated Cottons 


Passing Clouds

On Point

Solid Corn Yellow Kona Cotton

Solid Red Kona Cotton

Solid Black Kona Cotton

Rainbows on light blue

Urban Zoologie Bright Owls


Bright foxes on dark blue



This and That Bright Shoes

Sealed with a Kiss

Little Senoritas

Bikes (about 1" across)


Gold and Pink Asian Flowers

Parasols Cream

Camelia Pastel

Blue on Blue Swirls

Sugar Hill Scattered Roses Green

Sugar Hill Scattered Roses White

Sugar Hill Lanterns Blue

Sugar Hill Falling Roses Pink

Sugar Hill Falling Roses Blue

Saltwater Seashells Aqua

Saltwater Sea Stripes Coral

Saltwater Seashells Coral

Happyland Candice

Raindrops, not much left

Starlet Green

White Sparkles on Pink

Alphabet Pink

Lounge Stripes Gold

Swirls Aqua and Pink

Pink and Gold Damask
Queenstreet Pink
Queenstreet Pink

Queenstreet Blue

Victoriana Port

Sketchbook Fresh

Freshcut Finery

Blue/Aqua Damask

Blue/Aqua/Green Damask, 
not much left

Blue Peacock Feathers

Blue Teardrops

Mixed Images Bright


54"-wide Outdoor Water Repellent

This outdoor fabric is 100% spun polyester printed with UV pigments. These UV pigments allow for more vibrant colors than some other outdoor lines. The fabric is treated with Durable Water Repellent (DWR) which not only adds water resistance but also makes it more soil resistant and easier to clean. It is great for outdoor settings and indoors in sunny or high traffic areas. It is fade resistant up to 1000 hours of direct sun exposure.
Calypso Embrace
Calypso 2" Stripe
Salmon Ikat Dots Black and Beechwood 3" Stripe

Bay Brown


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  • Brenda Grier

    I am still looking at all your beautiful array of oilcloths. I am looking for a soft gold color or a soft yellow as in a baby yellow that would go in my kitchen. Table size is 53" 45" and I want a 7" over hang. Any suggestions or added colors would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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