About Me

I have a theory that people who are passionate about something--anything--are happier than those you haven't yet found their passion. My passion--the thing that gives me the greatest satisfaction and gets me into that wonderful state of flow--is Making Things. My joy doesn't really depend a whole lot on what I'm making, as long as my hands are busy turning something simple into a finished good. And it's a bonus if that finished good is something someone else can use and pay me for so I can continue to Make Things.

Every day as I do my work--smoothing out fabric in preparation for cutting, serging together layers of padding and fabric, even tidying and organizing my supplies--I am grateful that I can make a living with my hands, my heart, and my mind. I recognize and appreciate that very few people get to follow their passion and I never take that for granted. I appreciate my customers all over the world who make my work possible and share a little bit of themselves and their lives with me.

The very best part of my job is thinking up and then making and fine tuning new Things. I have my Grandma Cannon's antique couch, upholstered in her favorite color--pink, in my studio where I do my best thinking, working through ideas and construction steps in my mind, even though it might look like I'm just taking a nap (which I also love to do!). Then I jump up and test out the idea, cutting, sewing, measuring, testing, over and over until I'm pleased with the result. I LOVE it!

Currently I'm exploring all of the Things I can Make with laminated cotton. There is something about the bright shiny fabric that always makes me happy; I think everyone should have something made with laminated cotton! And I'm happy to make it.

I started Compelled to Craft on Etsy in 2009 as a creative outlet. In 2011 it became my full-time work. Now, in early 2016, I'm expanding my business to include my own website and I look forward to reaching new friends and customers.

Compelled to Craft, based in South Jordan, Utah, is truly a cottage industry. I produce everything myself in my in-home studio and ship my creations worldwide. 


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